Posted by Admin | November 28th, 2013

As Sanjay Patil MD well knows, visiting New Orleans is an amazing experience like no other. Beyond the iconic Mardi Gras, the city’s history, culture and art present are so unique and fascinating that people come from around the country and around the world to experience the magic for themselves.

Posted by Admin | November 25th, 2013

Sanjay Patil MD loves New Orleans, and believes its unique charms and fascinating cultural scene makes it one of the best places to visit in the United States. Whether you want to make fun travel plans with the kids, let loose and party, or experience fine art, there’s something for you here.

Posted by Admin | November 22nd, 2013

While still finding its footing after one of the worst natural disasters in American history, New Orleans visitors like Sanjay Patil MD note that the city has not lost a bit of its charm, and is still a wonderful place to experience history and explore Southern and Creole culture, art and nightlife.

Posted by Admin | November 19th, 2013

New Orleans is a fantastic place to experience history and Southern charm, as well as to let loose and live it up. The city is beautiful and fascinating and, as Sanjay Patil MD can attest to, offers some of the best cuisine, art and culture to be found in the United States.

Posted by Admin | November 16th, 2013

The “Big Easy” is famous the world over, and it’s a favorite stop of Sanjay Patil MD‘s. The city of New Orleans is an American treasure like no other, alive with color, steeped in history and shrouded in just a bit of tantalizing mystery. It’s a city of contradictions: a place of revelry and abandon, and a place of quiet churches, family gatherings and genteel Southern charm. It’s also the scene of one of the worst natural disasters ever to befall the United States, and a picture of American strength and resolve.

Mardi Gras is a given for many visitors, but even if living it up isn’t on your travel agenda, you’ll find a wealth of things to see, do and experience in this complex, beautiful city in Louisiana.

History buffs will enjoy visiting New Orleans’ many museums, which chronicle its multi-layered and unique history. They’ll also love visiting the city’s cemeteries, historic churches and iconic plantation homes, which give visitors a personal window into the past.

Those looking to absorb some local culture and experience the best of the city’s restaurants and nightlife will enjoy visiting the French Quarter, which is one of Sanjay Patil’s favorite places. Be a part of the action on Bourbon Street, or experience fine art in Royal Street’s famed galleries.

New Orleans also features a zoo, a butterfly garden, a wildlife refuge, an aquarium, number of outdoor parks, and everything from horse-drawn carriage rides to kayak tours to make your visit truly special.